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Explore the charming Quercia Houses, Holiday Homes in Viana do Castelo for your next holiday. Discover the unique beauty of these holiday homes and immerse yourself in the incomparable experience of staying in one of Portugal’s most picturesque regions.

Our developments are situated in privileged locations in the city of Viana do Castelo, such as the historic center, the charming Praia do Cabedelo, the welcoming Mazarefes, close to the Retail Park, offering a truly unique stay experience, brought to you by the esteemed Quercia Group.

whether for a family retreat, a quiet weekend, a special celebration, a business trip or an extended stay, we have the ideal space to meet your specific needs and desires. We are committed to setting and exceeding standards of excellence.

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In this holiday home section, we have several lodges proposals that allow you to enjoy tranquillity and privacy


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Viana do Castelo

Fantastic beaches, stunning natural landscapes, unique cuisine, to see and live and savor.

Set sail for adventure and free yourself with our exclusive sailing holiday service.

Places to Visit

Viana do Castelo blends tradition with modernity amidst beautiful landscapes, innovative architecture, and a plethora of tourist attractions and activities to cater to every taste.


Viana do Castelo offers diverse activities on land and water, catering to sports enthusiasts, nature lovers, and families of all ages.


Once you get to know this beautiful seaside town, it will be hard to leave. In this region you’ll discover that leisure time is never boring.

Amazing Nautical Sports Experiences by Quercia Houses
Explore the charms of Viana do Castelo in a unique and active way with a bike tour of the city.