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Quercia Houses

Belonging to the Quercia Group, Quercia Houses has tourist developments in different areas of Viana do Castelo: Praia do Cabedelo and Mazarefes (next to the Retail Park). Located just a few kilometres from the city, the accommodation has a modern and refined design and is fully equipped to ensure your comfort.

We have the ideal space for your stay, whether it’s a family holiday, weekend break, festive celebration, work/business period or even a medium-term stay. Let yourself be carried away by our place!

Who We Are

Company Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Maintaining and enhancing the cultural and architectural heritage of the properties, providing an authentic experience for guests.
Offering high quality services, through differentiated, authentic and welcoming experiences, in unique and exclusive environments, providing moments of relaxation, connection with nature and immersion in the local culture, promoting the well-being and satisfaction of our guests.
Providing guests with the opportunity to get to know and appreciate the local culture, cuisine, traditions and landscapes of the region. Sustainability: Implementing sustainable practices in the management of our properties, contributing to the conservation of the environment and the sustainable development of the local community.

Our Values

Valuing the authenticity of the experience, providing guests with a stay that truly reflects the culture and heritage of the region.
To be recognized as a benchmark in residential tourism/local accommodation, putting guests first, ensuring that they feel welcome, valued and cared for during their stay, always maintaining the essence, providing unique and memorable moments, and always with an attitude of continuous improvement of our services.
Committing ourselves to sustainable practices, respecting the environment and contributing to the sustainable development of the local community.
Respecting the diversity and individuality of each guest, providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all.
Striving for excellence in all aspects of the services provided, from the quality of the facilities to the interaction with guests.
Acting with integrity, being transparent, honest and ethical in all our activities, in our relationships with employees, clients and partners, always respecting and valuing local communities.
Working in partnership with the local community, supporting local development and promoting the culture and heritage of the region.

Our Vision

To become a destination of choice for travelers seeking a differentiated, authentic and enriching experience, providing excellent service that exceeds guests’
To establish itself as a leader in sustainable practices in the tourism sector, demonstrating that it is possible to offer a high-quality experience while minimizing environmental
To be a catalyst for the development and promotion of local culture, contributing to its recognition and appreciation at national and international level.
To play an active role in the local community, contributing to its socio-economic development and improving the quality of life of its inhabitants.

Our Activity

Quality Services & Experiences Your Trip Are Enjoyable

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Nautical Sports Q.

If you’re a lover of the sea, wind and adrenaline, then you’ll love the water sports that Viana do Castelo has to offer.

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Horse Rides Q.

Immerse yourself in the stunning beauty of Viana do Castelo with a captivating horseback riding tour.

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Private Chef Q.

Enjoy an unrivalled gastronomic experience with an private chef in the comfort of your own home.

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Viana do Castelo

Fantastic beaches, stunning natural landscapes, unique cuisine, to see and live and savor.

Set sail for adventure and free yourself with our exclusive sailing holiday service.

Places to Visit

Viana do Castelo blends tradition with modernity amidst beautiful landscapes, innovative architecture, and a plethora of tourist attractions and activities to cater to every taste.


Viana do Castelo offers diverse activities on land and water, catering to sports enthusiasts, nature lovers, and families of all ages.


Once you get to know this beautiful seaside town, it will be hard to leave. In this region you’ll discover that leisure time is never boring.

Amazing Nautical Sports Experiences by Quercia Houses
Explore the charms of Viana do Castelo in a unique and active way with a bike tour of the city.